Welly Care & Advice

Never use a step OR boot toe to remove your wellington boot. Always use a boot remover - it will prevent excessive stress wear to the boot heel, which may lead to splitting. It will also take all the effort out of removing your boots and place less stress on your back.

Wash your boots with clean water. Leave them to dry in a cool, well-ventilated place. After cleaning spray on a silicone protector (application instructions will vary depending on brand used). Take special care if your boots are zipped. Never store with the zip open or clogged with mud. Wash mud away, allow to dry and spray with silicone to keep the zip free running. Close the zip after cleaning. The majority of problems with zips can be avoided if a little care is taken. Follow this simple routine every two or three weeks, depending on the amount of wear, and your boots will last months, even years longer.

Keep your boots in a cool, well ventilated place, away from strong light. Do not leave on a radiator or boiler to 'dry' - or in a freezing outhouse or shed. Extremes of temperature will dry and crack the rubber, especially if a silicone spray is not used on a regular basis. It is best to stop thigh length boots from folding over. Hang them by the heel on a boot rack.


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We specialise in fine quality wellington boots, ankle boots, shoes and clogs from Hunter, Aigle, Le Chameau, The Muck Boot Co., Girlie Gardening, Evercreatures and Alternature. We are proud to stock a wide variety of styles and colours. Linings can be cotton, neoprene or leather. Styles include chest and thigh waders, knee length wellies, ankle and calf length boots, shoes and clogs. Hunter Original wellingtons are available in all colours such as black, pink, red, navy, green, fuchsia, aubergine, chocolate, white and iris. Our coloured festival boot collections are much in demand during the busy music festival season. Hunter have recently introduced the Balmoral Classic and Balmoral Neoprene. Aigle’s walking boot collection, the Parcours, Vario, ISO and Vario Outlast are ideal for long distance walking and remain our best selling welly range.Le Chameau top of the range, Chasseur and Chasseurnord are fully zipped, and the Vega, Veganord and Vierzonord are ever-popular. For a good all round basic welly, why not have a look at the Aigle Benylsport or Le Chameau All Tracks and also available in ladies version (All Tracks Lady). We also have a good selection of wide calf wellingtons for the ‘larger’ figure! ‘Little ones’ are well catered for in our children’s wellies collection including Aigle (Lollypop and Perdrix) and Hunter, who now produce the Child Original cotton, with a neoprene lining, the Child Original Neo. When the weather is cooler, why not try pair of our colour co-ordinating warm Welly Warmers available to keep out the cold!