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Information - Glossary of Terms

The metal ‘form’ on which each wellington is built.  Each is made to correspond with a different shoe and calf size.  Aigle, for instance, stock over 400 different lasts for their range of boot styles and sizes.

A fabric unique to Le Chameau, it is a high quality Polyamide coated with Climaway* to produce a fabric which is waterproof, windproof and breathable across a broad range of temperatures.  Climaway* is a lightweight, low maintenance fabric which is comfortable to wear.

A natural material which is soft, pleasant to wear and moisture absorbent.

Used mainly in our walking wellingtons.   This sole comprises a mid-sole which softens and absorbs shocks, and an outer sole of tough but flexible rubber for outstanding comfort and durability.

The result of combining additives with natural rubber.   This new compound is just as supple and comfortable as natural rubber, but offers enhanced resistance to wear and tear and aggression from manure.

The Gore-Tex* membrane guarantees optimum comfort.  It is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable and allows water vapour to pass through freely.   The wearer therefore remains protected from the outside elements but excess humidity generated on the inside is able to escape.  All Gore-Tex* membranes are long lasting and machine washable.

This material is exclusive to Le Chameauand it’s name is a derivative of it’s components Cotton and Cordura*.  The cotton gives a soft feel to the touch whilst the Cordura* adds phenomenal strength.  Kotkor is very difficult to tear and is not permanently damaged by penetration of thorns.  The Kotkor* fabric is treated with a Teflon finish which repels water.

All leather linings used in our boots are selected from the best full grain leathers, for high quality insulation.   Leather is supremely hard wearing and will shape to the wearer’s foot giving outstanding comfort and warmth.   It also absorbs perspiration and avoids over-heating during long walks.

Or ‘latex’, comes from hevea plantations in south-east Asia and offers considerable advantages.  It is hardwearing due to its molecular structure, which offers strong resistance to wear and tear.   It is also comfortable to wear because it is extraordinarily shock-absorbent.  Finally it is supple and retains all its elasticity, even in extreme cold.

A super dense but lightweight material, also known as CR-Foam.   It is made up of micro-bubbles of air, lined with polyester.    It is flexible, buoyant, highly insulating against the cold and very comfortable to wear.  Also used to make wet suits.

Polartec* 200 fleece is a remarkably lightweight material with exceptional heat retaining qualities.  It is highly breathable to keep you comfortable during strenuous activity.  For ease of care Polartec* is treated to resist pilling and mildew.

A woven, synthetic material which is rotproof, washable and quick-drying.

A camouflage pattern used on some of our wellingtons, patented in the USA in 1986 by Bill Jordan.  Now available in several styles for varying sporting activities and seasons.

A registered trademark for the treatment of some boot linings.   Sanitizedã T90.04 is an antibacterial, therefore hygienic treatment.   It retains its efficiency, even after washing.

Exlusive to Le Chameau, Technowarm* is a hardwearing 100% polyester fleece which gives exceptional breathability and insulation.  Technowarm* is manufactured in different weights and has a high quality finish which is resistant to pilling.

Invented in 1839 by Mr. Goodyear, this operation consists of modifying natural rubber under the combined action of sulphur and heat from a plastic, malleable state to an irreversible elastic state.   In general it involves one hour of firing at 140degrees Celsius.

The Windstopper* membrane is designed to block out wind, without reducing the breathability of the garment.  It preserves natural heat insulation whilst protecting against windchill.